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Import Sync – Release Notes & Roadmap:


  • CSS fixes
  • Calculation ETL syntax and config greatly simplified, changes reflected in docs

IMP-JUL23-R1 & R2

  • CSS fixes, escaping fix that caused preview to fail on some 4xx/5xx errors
  • Username and password now generated random ly on install – use password recovery for first login
  • Fixed error in preview that caused preview to fail in some cases
  • Differential export beta extended
  • Added additional escaping in UI – removed various components that were needlessly unescaped

Import – May 2023 – R1

  • AWS CloudWatch Logging enabled
  • Misc logging improvements
  • Fix for cosmetic “prevent default” javascript error when app is idle for long periods

Import – April 2023 – R5

  • Added additional log-stream events to indicate why an upsert might fail
  • Suppressed erroneous pick list validation messages in sync preview

Import – April 2023 – R4

  • (fix)Fixed error in calc transform after move to ordering.
  • (performance ) Fewer platform events called during sync when log streaming is turned on.
  • (new) ETL operations: apifield, constant, prefix, and suffix added – documentation has been updated to support the new features

Import – April 2023 – R3

  • (new) enforced ordering of transforms and steps within transforms to ensure desired processing order, updated UI, Sync Mapping Helper, Documentation, preview, sync, ETL, and utilities to support the changes. Please see the in-app documentation after upgrading to 1.18 for the changes. Existing sync mappings will need to use the new format to process transformations – updated reference lookup on unique uri sync to be consistent with batch sync
  • (new) versioning and release notes scheme

Roadmap 2023/2024:

  • Differential Comparison ( currently Q1 2024 )
    • Provide a method to preview sync effects on all records affected by sync mapping
      • Show all current and future ( transformed ) values, comparing Salesforce to API transformed data
        • Salesforce field value (if any ), Final Transformed Value, API Value
      • Export results via email
    • Within SF execution and record limits
  • ETL transforms ( ad hoc )
    • Additional ETL transformations will be added over time
  • Logging & Monitoring Enhancements ( in progress )
    • Notification & Monitoring Service
      • Provide a method to alert admins when sync fails for any reason ( other than logs and emailed logs )
    • Exception Handling ( in design )
      • Improved logs @ log messages
        • Verbose external logging
        • Condensed Internal logging
        • Internal log size allocation ( number of logs to retain )
    • External logging ( in design )
      • Cloudwatch Logging ( pre release )
      • S3 Logging
      • External Logging Endpoints
        • API – JSON / CSV
  • Retry / Timeout Handling ( roadmap )
    • Currently there is little in the way of retry / timeout handling, in part due to Salesforce and Apex restrictions on script execution time and heap.
    • Phase I – Improve logging / monitoring / notification