Release Notes:

v1.18 – enforced ordering of transforms and steps within transforms to ensure desired processing order, updated UI, Sync Mapping Helper, Documentation, preview, sync, ETL, and utilities to support the changes. Please see the in-app documentation after upgrading to 1.18 for the changes. Existing sync mappings will need to use the new format to process transformations – updated reference lookup on unique uri sync to be consistent with batch sync

v1.14 -1.17 – additional CRUD and FLS checks, quality of life improvements, and assorted bug-fixes

v1.13 – added GlobalSyncFunctions > syncOneAPIcron & syncAllAPIcron – creates a scheduled apex job to sync one or all APIs granularly. Can be used to influence the order of pull syncs for objects that need to be synced in sequential order. *It is not possible to always guarantee the order of execution due to Salesforce limits on asynchronous execution. Updated docs as well.

v1.1.2 – update for SF changes from Legacy named Credentials to new External Credentials – header formulation revised

v1.10 – 1.11 – added escaping to sync name for json export. text fix in preview. updated release-notes link.

v1.9 – Improved performance of datetime-local etl conversion

v1.8 – minor UI/UX fixes. Added more information to logs

v1.0 – 1.7 – testing, visual, and logging improvements