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Relationships – Release Notes & Roadmap

  • v1.26 REL-OCT23-R3
    • Security improvements
    • Various performance improvements
    • Context-menu field parsing improvements
    • Sandbox trial validation

  • v1.22 REL-SEP23
  • Prevent duplication of same relationship
    • User cannot create a new relationship where: record 1, record 2, and relationship definition already exist
    • This prevents exact duplicate relationships. You can create a new relationship for the same two records with a different type.
    • Updated permission set: sf_rel_users
      • only permission set members can edit or create relationships
      • admin is able to manage relationship labels, definitions, etc. via management console
    • Optimized context-sensitive menus on tooltips
    • Improved relationship preview
    • Various performance, css, and qol fixes