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Import – Known Issues / Limitations

The following is a list of known limitations, some of these may be removed in future updates, all subscribers are eligible for free upgrades as allowed by Salesforce App Exchange policies and prodecures:

  • Supported Data Types
    • Plain and Rich Text fields
      • Phone, Address, TextArea, URL, are supported
      • Embedded Images / Files / attachments are not supported
      • Encrypted fields are not supported
  • This application respects Salesforce governor limits, which can be referenced here:
  • No more than 100 “pages” of an API ( for paginated APIs ) can be synced in a single operation, but there are workarounds to this limit.
  • Use of Salesforce Query String Sync Option is generally an inefficient way to sync, but is supported to 5000 records due to limitations in Salesforce, but there are workarounds to this limit.
  • Endpoints / URLs / URIs – must use the https format for security reasons. Servers that do not accept https connections cannot be synced at this time.
  • Only JSON based APIs are supported at this time.
  • Custom headers are supported in V1, dynamic headers are not – dynamic means they change at run-time or vary from call to call
  • Custom query string parameters are supported, but only the “time” and “salesforce field query” parameters are dynamic at this time – dynamic means they change at run-time or vary from call to call
  • Sync configuration is deigned to be portable across environments – future upgrades will always work toward backward compatibility, however, it’s not possible to guarantee 100% compatibility between versions – please contact us if you have any questions or concerns before upgrading
  • File / Image sync not supported at this time
  • Please refer to the App Exchange terms and conditions for additional terms and limitations