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Export – Known Issues / Limitations

  • Files and Images Do Not Sync To New Server
    • While sync can copy image URLs, it does not copy over the Images themselves unless they are stored in an accessible blob format and copied to like field in the destination server
    • Files could in theory be copied, if they are accessible in an object that sync has access to and the appropriate headers and content-type are set for external sync. File transfer is generally not supported at this time.
    • Copying embedded files and images would likely exceed salesforce limitations on heap size for data in excess of 6-12 mb and is not practical for this type of operation, in general, SF is probably not the best place to store files in general, due to a number of factors in the SF UI, file management, the cost of storage, etc.
    • Images embedded in Salesforce rich text fields ae not copied to the destination system – the actual URL in the rich text field is something like: and what actually gets sent to the target server is “cron.jpg”.
      • There is no elegant workaround for this at this time for Salesforce RTF fields, the best you can do is upload the images to an external system ( like a CDN, web server, or public google drive ) and link to the images instead of embedding them ( when you embed, the image file gets uploaded to Salesforce ) – it would be nice if SF allowed linking to external images by URL but that might have security implications, in any event, we can’t support this type of data transfer at this time.
  • General Salesforce Governor limits and Restrictions apply